Your DNA knows a lot about you, including the
best medicine for your treatment.



The sooner, the better.


Each of us is unique.

Our pharmacogenetic tests indicate how your body reacts to various medications. Your doctor adjusts the dosage for your specific case, prescribes the most suitable medicine so that your treatment is more effective and you have fewer side effects.

We have the most advanced genetic tests to take care of you.


Find out how your body reacts to a wide range of medicines before taking them. Keep your results and present them whenever you go to the doctor.


BabyVip is a test that can identify more than 300 serious, silent and treatable diseases in early childhood.

Without needles and without leaving home.

See how the collection works:

1. Request

You choose the genetic test and make the payment.

2. Sample collection

You receive a kit with instructions for collecting cheek cells using a mouth swab, a simple, safe and painless procedure.

3. Sending the sample

You send the sample to us free of charge by post (sedex).

4. Results

We analyze your DNA and send your report by email and via our app, so you always have the result to hand.

No need to go to the lab!

Receive the DNA collection kit at your home.

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