Take good care of your baby!

Now you can prevent your baby from more than 340 serious and silent genetic diseases, but which are treatable in advance. All it takes is a simple, quick and painless DNA test!

Get to know BabyVip

More than 340 serious and silent genetic diseases can be treated beforehand!

And treatment can start as early as infancy, before these diseases manifest themselves. That’ s why BabyVip is so important for your baby to grow up happy and healthy!

BabyVip is a genetic test, also known as the cheek test, which analyzes your baby’s DNA and identifies whether they can develop genetic diseases that are easily treated before they can compromise their health.

Do you really know what’s best for your baby?

Only mothers and fathers know how important their baby’s health is… It’s normal to worry, we want to make sure that everything is okay, don’t we? And what would you do to prevent your baby from getting sick?

BabyVip will leave you worry-free! It investigates whether your baby has a tendency to develop genetic diseases before they even appear!

Prepared parents, healthy babies

Investigate treatable diseases

Possibility of anticipating treatments

Happy and healthy growth for the baby

But what about the heel prick test?

The traditional heel prick test is a compulsory test, offered by the public health system, which diagnoses up to 6 genetic diseases. There is also the expanded heel prick test, which is offered by the public health network and identifies around 50 diseases.

The big difference is that BabyVip analyzes more than 340 predispositions to developing genetic diseases. You can treat your baby before the disease even develops!

Get to know BabyVip’s differentials


Real Disease Detection

The earlier it is detected, the easier it is to treat.

More than 340 diseases

Of genetic origin, which are serious and silent, but treatable!

No sting, no pain

Collection is simple and safe, using a buccal collector.

You can make it yourself at home

We send BabyVip to your home and you collect the genetic material.


Prevent your baby from developing more than 340 treatable genetic diseases in early childhood

What conditions does BabyVip analyze?

BabyVip thoroughly investigates the baby’s DNA, generating a list of previously identifiable diseases. Take a look at the frames that BabyVip accurately detects:

Diseases associated with deafness

Neurological Diseases

Immunological Diseases

Hematological Diseases

Vitamin and Mineral Metabolism Deficiencies

Diseases associated with kidney conditions

Endocrine Diseases

Inborn Errors of Metabolism

Diseases associated with neoplasms

Liver and Gastrointestinal Diseases

No Needle and No Pain

How is the sample taken?

The collection is completely safe and painless! It’s done with the help of a buccal collector, a cotton rod that absorbs the baby’s DNA. It takes less than a minute and can be done at any age, from birth onwards. See step by step:

Ask for BabyVip

It’s very simple and you can place your order at the bottom of this page.

Collect the Sample

You will receive the BabyVip kit at home, along with detailed instructions on how to collect it.

Return the Sample

You send the sample to us free of charge via the nearest post office.


We analyze your baby’s DNA and deliver the result within 15 to 20 days.

About ConectGene

Reliable genetic analysis

A person’s DNA knows a lot about them. And a simple sample of genetic material is all it takes to reveal what DNA has to say.

We are a pioneering company in Brazil, because we facilitate access to modern and advanced DNA tests, which help people of all ages to use their genetic information to prevent treatable diseases, as well as lead a healthier and more enjoyable life.

This is our way of innovating preventive medicine. To find out more about ConectGene, talk to us on WhatsApp!

Prevention is the guarantee of happy and healthy growth

Imagine keeping a close eye on your baby’s healthy development, without having to worry about a series of treatable genetic diseases, because after all, you valued your little one’s health and took the BabyVip genetic test!


Value your baby’s healthy and happy growth!

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