Client and doctor testimonials

We did the genetic test for my son, who has Down’s syndrome. The results showed that the medication initially recommended by the neuropsychiatrist was not the right one for my son. As parents, we are very comforted to have ConectGene’s technology and to know that our son is on the most appropriate medication and with the best response, according to his genetic condition. We approve and recommend it.

Douglas Carvalho Pereira and Cristiane Pereira Lins

parents of Heitor Lins Pereira, 10 years old, São Paulo (SP)

The use of genetic tests for nutrition and fitness allows us to individualize our conduct even more and be more assertive. Thus, our prescription is structured and designed according to each patient’s DNA, which is unique! That’s fascinating!

Dr. Fabiane Toste

PhD in Sciences and Nutritionist at Le Chantier Clinic, Rio de Janeiro (RJ)

Pharmacogenetics is an innovation that has come to be incorporated into the precision treatment arsenal. The future of health care with the prevalence of chronic illnesses and the resulting costs will not tolerate redundant and undue spending and the damage of iatrogeny.

Dr. Paulo Marcos Senra Souza

Physician, Master in Collective Health, Researcher and Inlags Advisor, Rio de Janeiro (RJ)

Although the price is not yet affordable for everyone, I think that everyone who can should take the test, as it provides valuable information, especially about adverse effects caused by the drugs. The test helped me relieve myalgias caused by simvastatin.

Dr. Antonio Jorge Kropf

Doctor, Rio de Janeiro (RJ)

Initially provoked by curiosity to learn more about the technology, I realized that it was valid and important to carry out the pharmacogenetic test with ConecteGene. I understand that the end product is a tool that will provide health professionals with more detailed information about patients’ bodies, resulting in more appropriate, effective and customized treatment.

Marcelo de Souza Muniz

Business Consultant, Rio de Janeiro (RJ)

For us, the possibility of working on our patients’ genetic panels is fantastic, because it makes it possible to know our patients’ real risks and to work on the most intrinsic aspect of nutrition: prevention. Furthermore, by preventing or delaying the expression of a gene, we are providing quality of life.

Dr. Adriana Bacelo

PhD in Sciences and Nutritionist at Le Chantier Clinic, Rio de Janeiro (RJ)

I took the Conectgene pharmacogenetic test because my doctor and I were unsure whether Clopidogrel was working for me. The test results showed that Clopidrogrel really didn’t have the desired effect. My doctor changed my medication to Brilinta (ticagrelor) and then my tests started to appear normal. This was very important for someone who had a heart attack like me.

Claudio Luiz Ribeiro

Businessman, São Paulo (SP)

Having taken ConectGene’s Farmagen test helped my cardiologist prescribe the most appropriate medication to control my hypertension and glucose. In addition, the report analyzes other medications that I may use in the future, because the result is lifelong.

Julio Cézar Alves de Oliveira

Consultant, Brasília (DF)

Pharmacogenetic testing is perhaps the most widely perceived embodiment of so-called precision medicine, and is of great importance because it replaces the “trial and error” methodology that doctors often use when prescribing drugs. The report provided me with valuable information.

Dr. Fernando Luiz Boígues

Doctor, Rio de Janeiro (RJ)

ConectGene’s NutriFit test provided me with information about the interaction of foods, vitamins and minerals in my body. For example, my increased sensitivity to caffeine, which can interfere with my sleep, and my tendency to need more vitamin D. These and other factors revealed in the test have led to better guidance from the professionals who monitor my health, and both my doctors and nutritionist now have concrete data to direct my intake of food, supplements and medicines more efficiently, which will consequently lead to better performance in my health.

Ângelo Ernesto Ehl Barbosa

Businessman, Aracaju (SE)

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